About Us

Some points to highlight :

- Established in 2013 by Nakul Jain and Mohit Jain
- Currently manufacture / supply Natural Mosquito repellents, Hygiene and Home care products.
- Have sold over 1000000 units till date.
- One of the largest manufacturers in India for mosquito repellent patches and air freshener cards. Also, contract manufacturing for some of the largest fmcg brands in the country.

Verticals :

- Own brand : RunBugz
- 3rd Party Manufacturing / Contract manufacturing

Mission statements :

Can you recall any one brand that repels all types of mosquitoes, insects, unwanted rodents, germs etc ?

  • We want RunBugz to be a household name for all types of repellents. Be it a mosquito repellent, lizard repellent or even a bed bugs repellent, the search for one brand to carry such a range should be RunBugz. - The name should be synonym to products that repel all types of insects, germs or even unwanted rodents/animals.
  • We want to introduce a large range of repellents that are environment friendly, safe and affordable.
  • We want to extend our range to homecare and hygiene products as our brand relates to repelling bugs, bacteria and germs.
  • We want to increase our manufacturing operations to include more products (specially in the personal/home care segment).
  • We want to enable small entrepreneurs from all over the country to bring their unique products to the consumer.
What have we achieved?
RunBugz Online OEM
Over 8,70,000 units solid in the last 5 years Over 30,000 units sold online in the last 3 years. Over 82,90,000 units sold in the last 5 years.

Current products :


RunBugz is a brand recognised for high quality repellents, wellness and homecare products. We wish to believe that our distributors are a reflection of our company and it’s values. We are looking for distributors throughout India who share the same ideology of providing good quality products at competitive pricing to customers following ethical practices.