Toilet Seat Sanitizers

Toilet Seat Sanitizer by RunBugz is a fast and effective way to disinfect the toilet seat before using. It gives you 99.9% protection from diseases like UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) and sanitizes the seat from invisible bacteria and germs.

The refreshing fragrance makes your experience better. Be it offices, malls, hospitals or any public washroom- just spray the Runbugz Toilet Seat Sanitizer.

How to use

Key Ingredients

ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL - It’s strong enough to destroy E. coli bacteria and the flu virus
BENZALKONIUM CHLORIDE - Kills microorganisms and prevent them to grow in future as well.

Toilet Seat Sanitizers are a convenient choice!

Easy to carry, easy to use and a range of fresh fragrances. It’s also a better alternative for the messy toilet cleaner which requires water and soap. Unlike most of the cleaners, it doesn’t require the need for wipes which are an undesired way of disinfecting toilet seats. So in every field Toilet seat sanitiser beats traditional toilet cleaner which is still used to clean the seats till now.


Long-Lasting Effects

Each RunBugz Toilet seat sanitizer is made with an effective formula. It provides a long-lasting effect and keeps the germs & microbes away for a long time.

Made In India

RunBugz Toilet seat cleaners are proudly made in India with 100% natural ingredients obtained from our farms to support the local economy and nation’s growth.

Easy To Use

These toilet spray sanitisers are easy to use, be it children or adults anyone can use them. All you need is simply press and spray on the toilet seat.

No Wiping

The disinfectant liquid dries within 10 seconds, so you don’t need to wipe the seat with paper or cloth. In 10 seconds the toilet seat is ready to use.

Economical Way to Maintain Hygiene

Even if your toilet paper were uncontaminated by bacteria, imagine how many rolls of consumables are used if every user laid multi-layers of toilet paper on the seat before using it. How much it would cost for that temporary barrier.

Multipurpose Washroom Functions

Toilet sprays can be used to clean a variety of things in the washroom. Alongside seats, you can clean washroom door handles and even the flush. All you need is simply press and spray on it.

Difficult to Contaminate

Unlike other cleaners and solutions, it’s not easy to contaminate with unclean tools and equipment.

The best way to Clean a Toilet Seat

  • Step 1 – Spray the solution on and under the seat and the lid.
  • Step 2 – Leave it for 10-20 seconds…
  • Step 3 – Repeat as many times as necessary.
  • Note: Always read the label before you use the product.